Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fred is a Massive Tool

Y'know, I actually used to like Fred. To all you irrational Fred haters, I'd like to know what you think is goddamn comedy. Do you have to tear others down to build yourself up? (Thanks for that bit of wisdom, Christian vegetables!)

But to my fellow rational Fred haters, did you know that long before that lousy, half-assed direct-to-DVD Nickelodeon movie that was released long after he hit his peak, Fred was still a massive tool?

Shane Dawson might make retarded thumbnails and Sxephil might be a giant douche bag who'd sell his soul for views, but at least all the other YouTools haven't reached this level of toolishness.

...Well, Sxephil would if he could. Seriously, the guy's a despicable prick and maybe a child pornographer.


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