Sunday, October 31, 2010


One Halloween I had this devil costume, but it was one of those cheap-o things with the thin plastic with an elastic band stapled to it and a plastic smock with the character's face on it. So, I went trick or treating and I got to this old man's house. When he opened the door, he was all like "Awww! The Devil!" and closed the door. I thought he was joking...but he never opened the door. He actually thought I was the Devil himself, come to lay claim on his senile soul. Y'know, because the Dark Lord wears a cheap plastic shirt with his unholy image upon it. And, like, the plastic's probably made of orphan souls and shit.

I gotta wonder what happened afterwards. I'd like to think he completely lost it and started living in this delusional post-apocalyptic world. He'd be surprised his neighbors survived the Rapture, build an anti-zombie watchtower on his lawn, construct what he thinks is a urine recycling machine, try to trade gasoline for supplies at the local convenience store.

Old people are funny. And then they die.


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