Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MSNBC Has a Liberal Bias, But Fox News is Still Much Worse

I was Bing-ing up "Rachel Maddow smug" because Google is fucking everywhere, so I'm done feeding that beast. Also, Maddow is goddamn smug and boring all the bloody time, so I wonder what a search would turn up.

Spoiler alert: I found bias assholes calling the kettle a bias asshole.

I'm writing this entry because what we need in this country is not to get along with each other, but an honest hatred of everything because it's all complete bullshit nowadays and we should just give up. MSNBC is abandoned all attempts to be a legitimate news network and embraced being the liberal Fox News...which only people who try to defend Fox News ever called MSNBC. By admitting Fox News was rightwing propoganda, but MSNBC was leftwing the Circle of Life is at balance.

Fox News is terrible, but that doesn't mean MSNBC is right. This is more like Hitler vs Satan. Man, I wish I could see that...

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Well, thank you, Jew-run media! You're alright in my book!


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