Thursday, June 2, 2011


No, no! Not that one! Good lord, not that one! He's cool! He's bros with Jesus! No, I mean the Fallout Nexus' Buddah, who's somehow an even worse and more fucked up administrator since TV Tropes' Fast Eddie. Not only does this asshole outright defend what is basically a softcore kiddie porn mod from legitimate criticism moral outrage (ain't linkin' that), there's this shit:

Here's what the modder seriously said:

"NOTE: You need to read this if you want to comment on my mod! If you don't pay attention and go by what I am saying, you won't be happy. I DO NOT tolerate any harsh criticism AT ALL. If you've got something mean to say, either keep it to yourself or alter the words to make it nice and include a smiley face or something... My previous experience of having people ridicule my mod was unpleasant and if it happens again, you won't have a happy life on the Nexus... I can guarantee..."

He's a little punk-ass motherfucker and he richly deserves to get his shit fucked up. Any other site would have the good sense to kick this little shit out.

And then here's what the ironically named "Buddah" said:

"Seems you want to dictate the terms of commenting on your mod, well I will do my best to keep the trolls at bay."


And then he locked the comments, even though the people who calling out this little shit were being pretty polite about it.

Y'know what? Someone should make a quick, simple mod...then act like a egotistical punk who's just asking for the internet hate machine to kick his ass! And to every person who calls you out on that shit, PM them at tell them the truth: That you're doing this to make Buddah look like the goddamn fool that he is. And I was going to say spring the truth on the fuckhead when he defends someone who should be banned for being an asshole, but I got an even better idea: Do the same thing again. And again and again. In fact, flood the goddamn place with a bunch of puppet accounts and have them all upload shitty little mods where you act like a massive fucking manchild to get Buddah to defend you from people who are justifiably outraged and make him look stupid.

Y'know, trolling!



  1. No one cares sweety.

    Love, mom

  2. ...Really? I'm tempted to just delete it, but...really? 'cus I ain't exactly in the minority on this, though I think most people have just given up at this point.

    Also, let me state the obvious and point that that you took the time to respond, AND probably read all that, AND it's obvious you're that you're Son of Earpennies McDogfartcar from way back who's still hanging around this dump, which says about you...YEAH.

    Or maybe you're pissy because I called Buddah out on defending that "child modeling" mod. Yeah, I bet that's it.