Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am honestly surprised by South Park these last few episodes. After years of being too topical (or too late to be too topical), characters either dropping out of sight or being derailed, and so much fucking Cartman (to the point where he appeared in a commercial where he was not only in a scene he wasn't in, but also had very little screentime in the episode) it was nice to see all this old South Park stuff return. And to top it all off, they even talked about why Stan's dad was a huge buffoon who got so much screentime for a while there! But as much as I love this return to the old, pre-way-the-fuck-too-popular-for-its-own-good days and acknowledging Randy acting like a major jackass, there was something in that episode that was more important than all of that.

Lots and lots of poop. Cynicism.

My God, there's a metric fuckton of cynicism out there. It helped me spawn a 26 page thread, which is 98% me bitching about how shit everything is. Seeing all that poop everywhere was awesome Stan complain about how everything was shit hit pretty close to home for me. And it got me thinking about how much being an asshole who complains about everything is so incredibly prevelent. So much so that you've got places like TV Tropes and the Elder Scroll/Fallout Nexus going to the other, equally obnoxious extreme. I want to complain about this, but I'm too aware of the irony of doing that to actually do it!

But then, you see, I realized something. You see, there is treatment. There is a way to fight this. There is hope for ours souls.

Poop is funny.


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  1. See, the joke here is- No wait, there is no joke. "Friendship is Magic" is just FUCKING AWESOME!