Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hack Group Declares Cyberwar Against US Government

Oh fucking Christ, please don't be "Anonymous", please don't be- GODDAMN SON OF A FUCKING WHORY BITCH! Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! Your ignorance of internet culture- shit that your punk-ass 15 year old son can tell you about- makes me vomit and cry with unfathomable rage! Vomit and cry!

“It’s a guerilla cyberwar — that’s what I call it,” said Barrett Brown, 29, who calls himself a senior strategist and “propagandist” for Anonymous.

Bullshit! You are the senior bullshitter for The Country Bear Bullshit Jamboree, you fucking prick! Rolling with Fox News' criticial research failure was annoying enough, but that was years ago. Time to grow the fuck up and get a life, or fuck with Google! These assholes own half the internet! I can't sign into this very blog and YouTube with two different account, despite the fact that these two websites are not related! Instead of going to federal prison because you thought one of the world's greatest goddamn nuclear superpowers was like a fat kid whining on YouTube videos, how 'bout you quit playing make believe and help free your true homeland: The internet.

Please. I implore you think about this.



  1. You IMPLORE me? You IMPLORE me? You always were one for fancy words!

  2. Just to show that I'm the enemy of ALL humanity, I'm gonna throw all these kids who blindly mimic the ending from "V for Vendetta" a bone with this:

    Farrakhan doesn't have an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry. Hmm.