Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Anonymous Is Still Not An Actual Group

Years ago, I screamed this shit at the top of my lungs: That there is no "Anonymous". It was shitty scaremongering reporting by dumbfucks who didn't do any goddamn fact checking. See, in case you're a dumb motherfuck, "Anonymous" is your name when you post a comment somewhere where you don't need to register, like this very blog. Go ahead, try it out. See that? Now you're an internet terrorist and shit. Like, fight the power or something.

That was years ago. Guess why I'm pulling my fucking hair out.

S'yeah, "Anonymous" is back in the news. That's like watching the news and seeing over 9,000 Rickrolls, desu. It's old, it's tired, it's a big pile of goddamn nonsense. And here we are again, years later, with Stephen Colbert talking about it! Guess I can't blame him, though, since all his guests are boring, nothing ever changes, and he likes centaur shotas.

(In case you give in to morbid curiosity like I just did, that's centaurs that are shotas. Not shota-on-centaur. No, no wacky picture this time.)

And there's something else, but what is it? Oh yeah, everyone who ever jumped on the "Anonymous" bandwagon is a sheep. When you do what everyone else is doing, you're a conformist and your alignment cannot be chaotic, no matter what you claim.

You know what all these people who have automated password guessing programs hacker guys should do? Claim they're a part of a group whose name people are too cowardly to say on TV. Like, "The Cocky Shitfuckers" or something. They could hack sites and replace all the text with nothing but swear words.

That would amuse me for several minutes. Then I'd go start a Twitter feud with Daniel Tosh, because he's an obnoxious douchebag who only has work because he's showing YouTube videos on TV.

Christ, I hate him.



  1. So that's why you swear so much; "The Cocky Shitfuckers" (veeeeery original name, by the way) hacked you!

  2. Goodness! I do believe I've offended the internet! And how could I not, with it's high standards and strong moral fiber!

    I hate these losers who basically act like me without the self-awareness of the ridiculousness of what they're saying, then go and act all high and mighty because they're too dumb to come up with a real rebuttal. Oh, if only I could delete such nonsense on sight...

    Oh wait. I can. Hint, hint.