Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nazifpour is an Incredibly Pretentious Cock

I mean, look at this:


Yeah, Spore dealt with some important religious issues, huh? Like THAT'S COMPLETE FUCKING BULLSHIT! And that's one of the less spit-take inducing things this asshole's written. Take a look at his other lists:

The Top 10 Games Which Deal With Important Moral Issues
The Top 10 Games Which Deal With Important Philosophical Issues
The Top 10 Games Which Deal With Important Political Issues
The Top 10 Games Which Deal With Important Psychological Issues
The Top 10 Games Which Deal With Important Social Issues

Guess how many of those have wannabe intellectual bullshit shoehorned in where it doesn't belong? All of them, you say? DING DING DING! Give the man a cupie doll! And did you also say that the #1 spot has "The X Game" in it? Oh snap! Welcome to the bonus round, mo-fo!

Deal lord, dare we actually take a look at some of these?

"Oni- Forgiveness"

How this deals important moral issues: If you choose not to kill someone, they'll show up Deus ex Machina and shit to help you with the last boss.

By the way, Konoko sure as shit does not "forgive" Griffin. She walks away, pissed off as fucking hell, and aside from the last boss, it doesn't effect the story at all. Did this dipshit actually play the game?

"Mirror's Edge- Peaceful resistance"

How this deals with important political issues: Running around is the same as picket- Wait a goddamn minute, can't you steal guns and punch dudes in the junk?! Double bullshit!

"Fallout 2- LGBT rights"

How this deals with important social issues: You could marry a hillbilly of the same sex or sleep with other women as a female character. Are you fucking kidding me? How...why...

I'd point out more examples of complete bullshit, but fuck this shit. Fuck it now and forever.



  1. I would like to thank you on behalf of the intelligent world for saying this. I was reading his(her?) latest and greatest bullshit--which somehow always gets posted to the gamefaqs main page--and was wondering if this... gentleman, had any opposition. He certainly should. Happy to stumble on your page.

  2. "2003 was the year that United States invaded Iraq and changed the world forever. Some say it was a war crime fabricated by lies and led to the loss of many innocent lives, and strengthened Al-Qaede and other Muslim terrorist groups, while others argue that it ended the reign of a bloodthirsty dictator and brought democracy to a shattered country. Whatever your stance on the war, you can't deny the fact that it was the single most important event of this century after 9/11. On the scientific front, the Human Genome Project is announced completed, with 99% of the human genome sequenced to 99.99% accuracy. So, overall, a very important year."

    He posted that in this list. Unbelievable.

  3. As a top 10 writer, I find your argument hilariously intriguing. When reading opinionated lists that do not matter too much, you must be open minded. You may not agree with the choices or the list in general. However, you must admit if you actually became this enraged over a simple list put together by a student who probably works for a pizza chain as a delivery driver, you were most definitely entertained.

    GameFAQs Top 10 lists are the best of all Top 10's. I think I am one of the few that writes them traditionally, to just please users vs make a point. You can always register and share your point of view on the Top 10 list board but you won't be able to swear and rage nor have your distracting jellybean background.

    Good day,