Thursday, December 9, 2010

No, Wait! The Internet Is Not Yet Done Giving!

SE is clearly making this as a jab at western gamers, it's a reflection of their motif on what western gamers want, and you shouldn't buy it.

Square Enix is an elitist Japanese company who looks down on western developers and western gamers alike.
Now you may say, "LOL wut? I've only seen them make nice comments about Western Developers and Games." But if you actually read said articles where they praise or give a nod to western games, there's always a little jab thrown in somewhere.

It seems to me that this whole game is nothing but an ignorant jab at western games and the players who enjoy them.

You may think I'm crazy, but mark my words, if this game sells well in North America, Square Enix will have something ignorant to say about it.

Seriously, though, Gun Loco looks like it was inspired by Jeff Dunham puppets, that squirrel from Hoodwinked, and racist drawings of black people from the early 1900s.

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This mudflap would look mighty nice on a bar of soap.


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  1. It's not just me, right? It looks like he's gonna break out into a rap about watermelon and how great life must be in the North, doesn't it?

    Good lord, the character design in this game is hideous...