Friday, January 21, 2011

John Solomon Entry Update: Proof Luigiian is the King of the Liars, Cheats, and Whores

Normally, I just do a blurb in the comments section for an update, but...oh...em....gee. Lookie what I found:

In case they find out I found proof positive that it's a liar-liar-pants-on-fire situation with John Solomon bashing their shit site and purge their shame, here's some copy-pasta:

"Subject: What is the Bad Webcomics Wiki?
Summary: Should this site be an homage to John Solomon or an usurpation of John Solomon?"


"What is the Bad Webcomics Wiki?
The Luigiian 26 Sep 2008, 21:01 GMT-07
Summary says it all.

When I started this site, my object was to continue Solomon's legacy. I think it is absolutely necessary that there be negative critiques of art, so that artists will continue to have a reason to improve. The mark of a bad artist, in my opinion, is the inability to accept criticism. I think Solomon, in having a website where one could see how webcomic "artists" responded to criticism, separated the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

That said, Solomon left his work unfinished. Does that make him cowardly or lazy
(note: they love using that word "lazy" -Tabs) or merely willing to accept defeat against the massive flood of terrible webcomics? Furthermore, is it necessary that we continue to criticize bad webcomics at all? What should the tone of this site be? Should we strive to help artists, strive to attack bad ones, or do a little of both?

I believe the latter: Attack bad webcomics, help artists, criticize artwork to ensure that its artists continue to improve, and separate those so-called "artists" who can take criticism from those who can't.

What are your thoughts?"

...My thoughts, huh? Okay, I got me some thoughts for ya, son!

You're an asshole. You're a goddamn lying hypocrit asshole who latched himself onto the work of a better without any goddamn understanding of the work itself, and you didn't pay any goddamn attention to a word Solomon was really saying. If you did, you'd know he quit because of people like you: The goddamn lying hypocrit scumbag asshole motherfuckers who think being amused by the monkey's angry dancing means the monkey is your friend. The monkey is not your friend. The monkey bites and throws poop much better than you. And when the monkey bit and poop-sniped you, you act like you never tried to be the monkey's friend and quickly prove that all that talk about the inablity to accept negative criticism is complete and total bullshit when applied to you.

Let's see s'more, because this valuable time spent on this blog entry would be wasted if spent with family and friends:

"Re: What is the Bad Webcomics Wiki?
William Seagate 28 Nov 2008, 12:46 GMT-08
In our master's words, most of the worst artists out there will downright ignore or attack any criticism they see. We should discuss and compile the sheer atrocity of these works, so as to warn other people who think this is any degree of good.

Solomon has had a great influence on my self-criticism. I've learned I'm not perfect, not even close. You must never surrender to pride, arrogance, wrath or gluttony about your work, it's not worth it. Take shit for heart. Improve. If not, we are still here, to shout and shout until you wake up from your rosy dreams.

I say: Those who want to be helped, be helped. Those who not, be ridiculed, and called on. Maybe someday they'll wake up and understand."

'cus you're the goddamned messiah.

Really, do I have to say anything to that? But here's a real good piece of dog and cat shit:

"Re: What is the Bad Webcomics Wiki?
Corsair Lafitte 27 Sep 2008, 14:19 GMT-07
I'm not so sure about the helping… I mean, if we do help, then great, but trying to help leads to the sort of touchy-feely bullshit the web comics community is already overflowing with. Whether you use curse words or not, criticism is criticism and only a person of hubris will focus on the style of the criticism instead of the meaning of it, and refuse the advice. In such, I feel it's best for us to be brutal and only act like we're honestly trying to help in order to rub in a point.

On the other hand, I don't want this to become a LULZ factory, like ED: while I love ED, I don't think that attitude is right for the site you're making here. We need to keep to the facts, but be brutal about it."

Read: I want to be an asshole. Just a destructive, unfunny asshole. I want to be brutal, like a spouse beater or serial killer!

But wait! There's more! It seriously gets worse!

"As for Solomon, I'm describing exactly what he did, but I don't really want to honor him. For one thing, it would be pathetic to just be the trailing shadow of his memory, never as good, but also… he did abandon us, and for no real reason. He just got up one day and decided "fuck them all, the good and the bad, I'm not even telling them". Well, we lingered and we talked among ourselves, and now… we don't need him anymore."

JOHN FUCKING SOLOMON IS NOT YOUR BITCH. Mother of God, did I really read that right? I...I gotta be reading that crazy shit wrong...

"I'd rather just sit around and bitch all day, actually."

Oh. Well, you fuck, you repulsive wad of fucking horse jizz. As full of hate that I am, if I ever doubt my humanity, I only need look at you, you goddamn sociopath. "Hey, I might throw acid in people's faces when they criticize the child pornography I sell to fund my acts of terrorism on Mr. Rogers' family, but at least I'm still not as bad as this guy!"

"Fold Re: What is the Bad Webcomics Wiki?
CompuCow 29 Sep 2008, 00:18 GMT-07
...I say shit on helping people."

And years late, John fucking Solomon shat right back on The Bad Webcomics Wiki. Karmic retribution had been carried out, the cycle of death and rebirth continued unobstructed, and John Solomon returned to his mountain lair to sleep. His time had passed, and the throne of the great lord who calls out the world's stupid bullshit is empty.

For now...



  1. "I am not here to dance for your amusement, you pissants."

    Because it bears repeating.


  2. Hey, nice guy! Fun idea: Anyone wanna add this info over at Encyclopedia Dramatica? They masturbate furiously to Solomon over there, so I think they'd really appreciate hearing about this stuff.


  3. Gosh, this sure is pallid and lame in comparison to Solomon. I was hoping that someone wanting to "Continue his work" could do so with a little bit of terse humor, rather than being introspective and self-critical. Yuck.

  4. "You're a goddamn lying hypocrit asshole who latched himself onto the work of a better without any goddamn understanding of the work itself..." Ehn, it worked for Led Zeppelin.