Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a Sad-Ass World It Is

...Hmm? No, this has nothing to do with some nutbag shooting a politician. This has to do with an entirely different nutbag. This has to do with that stalker idiot boy returning!

Seriously, who's this much a fucking loser? Who wakes up and goes "Hey, rather than do anything not fucking retarded, how 'bout I go bug exactly one and only one person in a place where no one else is?" Who does that? It's like swimming out to a desert island where there's this shipwreck survivor, and every day, you just run around and bug him by acting like a fucking weirdo. Dear lord, if only there was a Superman cover that accurately expresses how I feel...

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Pictured: Printed media's first confusingly idiotic troll.

See, this is the shit I'm dealing with! I used to think Superman was really overracting, but now, it makes total sense! I mean, what the fuck?! Who thinks this shit's funny?! Who doesn't look at this guy and think he's king of the retards?!

And this asshole isn't even trying that hard. I mean, it's blatantly obvious it's him. He isn't trying. At all. Why would someone do this? I mean, I can just delete it, so...what's the point? It's like sticking pennies in your goddamn ears to piss off Superman! It just makes you look like some retard with nothing better to do with your life!

Before you say anything else, you weird little fuck, take a look at that picture. See that asshole? Do you think he has any friends? Do you think he won't end up being beaten half to death by some thug because he went up to the guy and went "Lookie, lookie! I'm putting over 9,000 pennies in my ears, desu! Milhouse isn't a meme, amirite?!"? No. No, let me tell you about the Prankster: He was a stupid asshole with no friends, his family hated him, Mrs. Buttersworth was his imaginary wife, he lived in a dumpster, he ate garbage, he slept in a bed of his own feces, he drove a pretend car made of dog farts, he sucked his own dick, he died of breast cancer, and they threw his dead body into the sewer. The Prankster was a walking abortion who always had pennies in his goddamn ears and peace came to the Middle East when he died. The end.

That's your life, kid. Quit being a fucking weirdo, quit jerking it to Mrs. Buttersworth, take the pennies out of your goddamn ears, and stop getting breast cancer.



  1. im verry sorry tabris

  2. SEE?! There he is! And he's fucking admitting he was the little freak making all the weirdo posts!

    Probably made that comment with pennies in his ears...