Monday, January 3, 2011

Kawaii Bible Chan And Friends

Hey asshole! Read the hell out of this review of Demonbane:

Hearing that they turned ancient, forbidden texts into cute li'l anime girls, that gave me the best idea for a loli harem comedy ever: Kawaii Bible Chan! See, some lovable loser who's as Japanese as can possibly be- regardless of where the story takes place- goes looking for the original version of the Bible or some crap like that. But as it turns out, the original versions of modern day religious texts are actually fuckin' lolis! Bible-chan's all cute and sweet and constantly used as a tool for people's agendas, Torah-chan is the shy nerdy one who controls the banks and media, and of course, Quran-chan is the tsundere treated with the upmost respect. And they all move in with this guy and have wacky-ass adventures revolving around accidently looking like a pervert!

And then everyone will draw pictures of them fucking! :D


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