Friday, January 21, 2011

Marian Churchland Acknowledged My Existence

And now back to some much needed light-hearted silliness.

So, you ever hear of comic book artist Marian Churchland? She did some artwork for Elephantmen, and she has a graphic novel called "Beast".

She also made "Silk", an old comic that Gamefan showed a couple pages of and that I've been obsessing over for over 10 years.

And hey, look! She has a blog! But surely, this cannot possibly be the same person who did Silk...

Me: "…Marian Churchland? The same Marian Churchland who made that comic “Silk” that got a couple pages shown in the reader art section of Volume 5 Issue 5 (May 1997) of Gamefan? Who apparently ISN’T a dude?

GAWD, I’ve been obsessing over those two pages from Silk for over a decade now! Always wanted to know more about it! Don’t suppose you remember it, do you?"

Her: "WOW.

You know what? Nothing I’ve ever had published has been half as exciting as seeing my drawings in Gamefan, when I was a teenager.

I might have to dig up those old Silk comics, and make a post about them at some point.

Also, hey, thanks! You made my week for remembering that."

And you made mine.



  1. I acknowledge your existence :)

  2. Oh's Earpennies McDogfartcar again, isn't it, folks?

    And there's a new name for my stalker: Earpennies McDogfartcar. Hanna Barbara could do a Saturday morning cartoon about us where I'm the straight man and he's the nutbag who keeps going on about lost memories and how Islam is against manga for some unexplained reason. We'd fight crime and have adventures with the Harlem Globe Trotters.


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  5. I hope to see the whole scans of the Silk comic one day. I took the liberty of scanning the images from the gamefan mag: