Friday, April 15, 2011

Encyclopedia Dramatica is Dead Now: After of the Lulz Died (Part 1)

DeGrippo says that the biggest difference between OhInternet and Dramatica is that the new site has moved towards “a more toned down content style and a streamlined design: Shock for shock’s sake is old at this point and we’re looking forward to the future and how things are evolving … when you put user experience first, the language becomes highly important and that’s what we’ve done.”

...Wow. I still can't believe Encyclopedia Dramtica was taken itself. That's like Al Capone walking into the IRS headquarters and admitting he had been evading taxes because he got sick of being a mobster. Anyway, just to completely get this out of my system, let's see what former Special ED-ers have to say about this:

"Just wanted to say how excited I am and how awesome this is. We're working hard for the good of the internet, wrenching it away from the hands of the traitorous and rending it back into chaos and lulz, for the good of the tubes. Thank you for your fealty."
-Sherrod DeGrippo, (former) ED owner and an egotistical, greedy bitch HERO OF THE INTERNET!

"Granted the strikethroughs, unfunny meme speak etc are rampant in ED articles, they could easily be cleaned up."
-Some guy who clearly didn't realize that ED was made entirely of that shit

Somehow, within the depths of my heart, I knew this would happen. Things were getting too much out of control. ED was basically an anarchic wiki, and was going to explode. In all honesty I do better with SFW then NSFW.
-Some guy who obviously missed the entire fucking point of why Encyclopedia Dramatica existed

I felt like I had so much freedom at the old ED; now I feel like I'm on a G rated website. NO excessive cussing, NO nudity, NO racism, NO cuss words in your username...ect I feel like my freedoms have been taken away..... >:O FREEEEEEEEDOOOOM!!! Can we please bring back some of the old freedoms?
-A real ED user

I don't mean to be a prick, but shut up.
-Mr. Krabs, who, like all crabs, doesn't know what "irony" is

"I bet it was your kind that ultimately led to its closing. Now stop being a talk page editor and adapt like the rest of us to help with our new home."
-Mr. Krabs continued, also clearly had no goddamn clue that Encyclopedia Dramatica was all about (read: trashy shock value and personal feuds Wikipedia didn't put up with)

"So let me understand this completely. You're going to superimpose a new website where ED was, and expect all the old followers of ED to just deal with it? That's ridiculous. I'll say that I'm not a little thirteen year old immature editor, but I love that ED was that place that you could go to hear irrational comments about rational subjects and biased viewpoints blaming incomprehensible subjects. You've destroyed the internets. I understand you thought it may be a good idea to standardize and become something more respectful, but you've legitimately lost readers now. Bring back ED, before the internets do it for you."
-An obvious troll

"It's a poor move on the admin's part to just remove ED. It contained a ton of culture and history on it. That's like removing Wikipedia in favor of a brand new site with no content imported. If there was any sense in the matter, ED would at least become read-only on Kicking people out of a community they enjoyed is NOT a way to get any kind of readership. And you know, I've given "Oh, Internet..." a chance. I edited some pages with some funny, yet appropriate content and it was reverted. You've completely changed the concept of the website, and forced users out without any options. I just hope you guys can deal with the "encyclopedic drama" that you've (collective) created with this move."
-Obvious troll obviously continued

"What is this shitty copy of Know your Meme"
-The undeniably truth

And then there was much circlejerking.

My fucking God. This is shameful. This is like (Wait for it!) Hitler suddenly surrending during World War II, apologizing to the Jews, and banning all swastikas. It is a complete betrayl of who Hitler was and what the Nazis were. There is less evil in the world now, but it is not right. The cosmos is not in balance! Snake Mountain lies still! No one wears the crown of the Lich King! This cannot and should not be!

God help me...I'm remaking Encyclopedia Dramatica. The internet must not be sterilized. It must be honest, as hideously disgusting as that honesty is. It must not be ashamed, as much as it has to be ashamed of.

Edit: There was a link to my own shameful attempt to restore evil to the Great Balance, but stupid-ass me, why did I think people who actually liked the damned place wouldn't reconstruct it? Go here instead:

If you find my ED mirror (Son of Encyclopedia Dramatica), I think the admin password was "neverwillguess", or something similar. Leave nothing but dust and ashes.


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