Thursday, April 14, 2011


Remember that last post I made about Encyclopedia Dramatica because it's not like I have family and friends to bitch about this stuff to, like a normal person? Well, one month later:

"No one reads your blog. No one cares. Stop posting.

Love, mom.

P.S. put those empty soda cans in the recycle bin, they're piling up by your computer."


You're reading my blog, you're bitching and moaning over a month old post, you lose.

(Edit: What's that? A comment whining about my whining? Goodness, whoever could that be from?
See, the thing is practically no one knows of my existence, let alone the existence of this blog. Now, you tell me, who else could it possibly be than the very same jackass who's now getting all high and mighty with me just to appear to be the bigger person? You can't win in a battle of logic with me, sport, so quit while you're ahead.)

By the way, protip: I've never responded well to people telling me what to do, especially not whiny little bitches who's best retort is to give orders to a total stranger. Hence this entry!

But hey, don't let me stop you from making an even bigger ass out of yourself in front of all the one or two people who stumbled across this place while looking for child pornography. (Edit again: As you're clearly doing, I see. You know, you could just walk away and go read a book or something.)


P.S.- Encyclopedia Dramatica now has a blog...that's nothing at all like Encyclopedia Dramatica and about random internet crap. Guess what I'm going to waste precious time and effort on now?


  1. I read a couple pages of your blog, and I'm just wondering; do you do nothing else but bitch and moan about people you hate and think are idiots and drop the F-bomb every other sentence?

  2. Absolutely not! That's what my forums are for! I'll have you know, jackass that I'm 99% sure is the idiot I just called out (because seriously, who the fuck else could possibly reading this?), I've also written deep introspections about Slave Maker 3 and Santa Claus vs The Martians being on TCM!

    Really, read anything non-meme related at ED sometime. I may hate them, but I'm well aware we're not so different.


  3. TITS POLICE! How did I forget my Irate Gamer fanwork, Tits Police?! That was some intellectual shit, right there!

    Seriously, quit whining, quit acting better than you really are, and go spread the word of Tits Police.


  4. Hey dipshit! Keep posting stupid garbage and I'm just deleting it from now on. Yeah, it's blatantly obvious it's all you, you fucking retard.