Sunday, April 17, 2011


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm getting addicted to the dramastorm with the same site so many nerds and crybabies have tried to take down for years getting taken down by it's own mother smothering it with a pillow. But did you know not only are they totally ripping off Know Your Meme, but they probably stole their name from some dude on Tumblr?

Well, since he takes questions, let's ask the one question burning on all our minds:

"Does this site REALLY have nothing to do with Sherrod DeGrippo sellout out Encyclopedia Dramatica, or are you- in fact- part of an OBAMA GAMBIT?!

This was all part of a plan to turn ED into The Unofficial Know Your Meme Mirror that was planned years in advance, like the conspiracy to get Obama into office! IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE WHEN YOU DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, MAN!"


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  1. Okay, screw this crap. Christian Weston Chandler is WAY the hell more interesting than this! This guy is the single greatest living disaster in human history! Hitler was less of a scumbag than this guy!

    By the way, surprisingly, they DO have pages on Chris-chan and Sonichu. Unsurprisingly, they're dull as dishwater and even the "Let's positive thinking or I'll ban your ass!" attitude Fisherman Eddie over at TV Tropes took with the Sonichu page is a better read than those piles of bland.