Thursday, April 14, 2011

Enyclopedia Dramatica: The Blog That's Nothing Like Encyclopedia Dramatica At All

I, ladies and gentlemen, am a jackass who can't let anything go. Noticing Fast Stalin swept the "Locked Pages" link under the rug (by the way, if anyone doubts Fisherman Eddie's batshit insane dictatorship, click here for a bussle full of truths) I wondered if Encyclopedia Dramatica had any new dirt on the place. Sure, I utterly loathe ED, but I'm not above using the things I hate to my advantage. I like to think of it as being pragmatic, because the word sounds all fancy and smart. Anyway, I got this:

Now, this was just after I noticed people were actually reading my blog, so I leapt to the most logical conclusion: ED banned access from me, just as Fast Eddie would, just because of this blog. But I'm just being paranoid, of course. I mean, that would be incredibly immature and pathetic and IT'S TOTALLY A POSSIBLITY, ISN'T IT? (Edit: As it turns out, this was legit and I'm a silly little man living in a silly little world.)

Anyway, let's take a look at that blog they mentioned. Hoo boy! Probably gonna all "niggerfag" this and "goatse suicide" that! Y'know, shit that's still edgy after many, many years! Oh man, this is gonna blow my mind the first time I see, then quickly get tired and unfunny when you realize there's not much beyond the cheap shock value! (Yeah, don't say anything, you.)

...What the hell is this?

Yeah, this blog? It's just Sherrod DeGrippo pimping her generic internet crap aimed at the equally generic 18-34 year old demographic. Who wants to bet "Videos" are just some crap they found on YouTube?

Goddamnit, I was joking!

Let's see..."Images" is about...anything with an image, "Links" articles on the site...I..."Research" know what? I'm just gonna say it's a shotgun blast of random junk, currently topped off by- HAHAHAHAHA, what the fuck is this? In writing that much about internet culture, aren't you taking it a little seriously? And then there's that whole "don't take things seriously" business so seriously, and then- Hold up, did they rip off Cracked's Top Number list gimmick?! Sheesh...anyway, the rest is just links to the same articles, which really makes me wonder why there are even different sections in the first place.

Good lord. I was just being pessimistic when I called this a generic internet crap site, but geez, man.

This is what it looks like when you put the glasses on.

And now I'm sad and bored at the same time.

Edit: Look up "Encyclopedia Dramatica" now, click on any link, see where it takes you. With all the bad blood between me and them, I think I should address this in its own entry.


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  1. Hey, something fun: I dropped a comment on an entry DeGrippo made- y'know, just to be a cheeky monkey- and THE BITCH IS SCREENING COMMENTS! CEREALS, MAN! CEREALS!

    And this loser fancies herself to be a "defender of free speech". What a prick.